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Design It Forward is meant to be an actionable, inspirational toolbox to help you to make a difference and amplify good ideas in your personal and profession life. Because of that we want to make it easy to use anything you find here to help you on your way. So check out the below:


You may use copy, altered photography, pdfs, worksheets, blog posts, and all other information on this website for educational and non-commercial uses without attribution. This is done in the spirit of education and propagation of knowledge. But, if you do feel like attributing, please link back to It’s much appreciated!

To request to use any of our content commercially, please reach out via the contact form.


Please note that outside content may be linked or displayed on the site and we do not have the authority to license use on these items. Additionally, many photographs are from wonderful photographers who have allowed us to use their work and we do not have the right to turn over licenses to these photographs. Please find them in the list of credits below and contact directly if necessary.

We always try to correctly credit and attribute all external content, photography, materials, copy, etc., but if you believe we’ve missed something, please feel free to reach out and we’ll fix the issue immediately.

This website is for educational purposes only.


Thank you to all the photographers, artists, writers, researchers and beyond who have contributed to this project. Without you, this project couldn’t exist.

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