Design Challenge: Local Community Recycling Campaigns


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The Problem

Every community’s recycling center has a different set of recycling rules and acceptable recyclable items. This inconsistency by localities creates confusion and decision paralyzation for many community members and leads to poor environmental habits and/or nonaction.

The Question:

How might we visually communicate our specific community’s rules and accepted items in a way that facilitates understanding and action?

The Challenge:

  1. Research: Learn about your local recycling rules
  2. Strategize: Think of a plan to distribute your new knowledge in the most clear and concise way possible
  3. Create: Design a visual (ie: a poster, a social post, etc.) or system to help simplify the way to succeed in recycling in your community
  4. Distribute & Share: Distribute your work locally and share your work on the Daisie Board!

Background Information:

  • Did you know that the first line of recyclers are often human sorters? Imagine what type of things you’d want to touch if that was you.
  • Most recycling centers need the items submitted to be as clean and dry as possible. Too much food waste and water can mess up multiple items in a batch.
  • China has stopped receiving recycling items from other countries so countries like America that haven’t invested as deeply in repurposing technology have to work to make cleaner and better bails to reuse or sell abroad.

Need help getting started?

Find the smallest, most local recycling center to your home. If you are in a small town that does its own recycling separate from the county, do that one. If your city or county handles all the recycling, start there. No recycling facility nearby? Find out why that is and what can be done for people who want to recycle!

Have more questions? Use the Daisie “project conversation” to chat and share ideas.

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