Our Mission


Design It Forward: Designing a Livable Future


New local and global systems that standardize environmental sustainability and dismantle other inequalities

Who we serve

People who are committed to combating climate change in their professional and private lives and are interested in utilizing design strategies to do so

What we are

We are:

  1. an organization made up of designers from all professions and fields (see our ‘designer’ definition) dedicated to fighting climate change
  2. a community, both online and in-person, that builds better solutions together through supporting each other’s work and ideas
  3. a resource to inspire and educate around design and sustainability
  4. a nonprofit entity that exists for the benefit of educating and motivating around environmental sustainability and climate change

How we do it

We use visual and systems design strategies to advocate for and develop more sustainable products, systems, and behaviors.

Some strategies we employ are:

  • design challenges & design-a-thons
  • educational outreach campaigns (digital & print)
  • social amplification of good ideas
  • public policy analysis
  • workshops and panels

Join in

If you’re interested in getting more involved you can:

  • Join our newsletter
  • Join our online community
  • Become an official “DIFferent Designer” by signing our DIF Code of Ethics
  • Attend a DIF event in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Become a contributor to our blog